Congratulations on your Retirement!

Tim Bassett, 68, worked for Stop and Shop for just over 51 years. He started off on the Front End as a bagger in February of 1969 and eventually made his way up to Assistant Grocery Manager, where he remained for over 20 years before retiring in March of 2021. He was a steward for the last 15 years of his career. Throughout his career with Stop and Shop Tim said that the people he worked with over the years are what stood out to him most. When asked how the Union has been there for him throughout his career, he said “I never really got in trouble, so I didn’t need the Union in that sense, but you really can’t say enough about how the Union has helped me live the American Dream.”

Thank you, Tim, for all of the time and dedication that you put into the Union throughout your career. I hope you enjoy every moment of your retirement!

Tim Bassett