Local 1459 Steward’s Program

Strong Stewards, Strong Union

Stewards play the special role of making the union felt everyday in the aisles, the offices and the shop floor of the workplace.  The main job of a steward is to keep an eye out for breaches of the contract and help members who believe their contract rights have been violated. If a steward thinks that management is not observing parts of the contract, the steward’s job is to take the necessary actions enforce the contract and bring it to the attention of union representative.

Another key role of the steward is to help educate members about the union and give them an understanding of how it works. This includes what is and is not a violation of the contract and helping members get information about important issues both on the job and off that will affect their livelihoods. In short, stewards are the key to helping members understand how the union is making a difference to help improve their jobs and quality of life.

A strong steward system ensures more member participation and awareness which makes our union strong!

Rights of Stewards

With their special role and responsibilities stewards also have special rights and protections. Stewards are guarded by federal law from employer retaliation and discrimination for fulfilling their steward responsibilities. Furthermore, you can always count on the full support of your Local 1459 staff to protect your legal and contractual rights.

A Stewards’ Duties

  1. Inform members about union policies, activities and events.
  2. Post and distribute official union notices.
  3. Attend union membership meetings and encourage co-workers to do the same.
  4. Welcome new members.
  5. Answer questions about the union and the union contract when able.
  6. Encourage voter registration and political action.
  7. Poll members periodically on subjects directed by the union.
  8. Attend steward seminars.
  9. Act as a witness for members who are involved in disciplinary interviews (Weingarten rights).
  10. Report contract violations to your union representative.
  11. Monitor safety and health conditions.

Tools of the Trade

As a steward, you are not alone, you have plenty of support and resources from your union. In addition to regular steward’s seminars and the Local 1459 Stewards Manual, you have full attention and availability of the entire Local 1459 Staff.