The Union represents thousands of public sector employees.  All of the reasons to join and support the Union for private sector employees described in the previous section apply to our many public sector employees as well.

We strongly encourage you maintain or join your coworkers by becoming a full union member to help gain improved benefits and working conditions in the workplace and to have an effective voice.  The more workers who become union members, the stronger you will be and the better off all workers will be.  Whatever you decide, Local 1459 will continue to represent all workers in the bargaining unit fairly.

Like those who work in the private sector, by choosing to be a non-member/non-payer you will lose the right to participate in any union meetings, election or vote of officers and you cannot participate in any union discount program.

However, because of a decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in June, 2018, if you work in the public sector, membership in the Union or payment of an agency fee for Union representation is not a condition of employment.  If you choose to become a non-member/non-payer, please notify us by sending a letter to the addresses or e-mail addresses listed in the previous section.  The letter should contain your name, home address, last four digits of their social security number, work location, department and job title.

Pursuant to M.G.L. c. 180, s. 17A, upon your giving Local 1459 at least sixty (60) calendar days notice in writing to withdraw from the union, please review the following below:

  • The termination of payroll deductions of dues/fees to the union will cease on or after the anniversary date of when you signed the dues authorization card.
  • It will be your Employer’s responsibility to cease said payroll deductions on said anniversary date OR sixty (60) calendar days from the date the union received your letter, whichever is greater.

Also be advised Local 1459 will continue to represent you as a member of the bargaining unit; however, non-members will be charged for the reasonable cost of representation prior to commencing the grievance or arbitration process.  In addition, non-members cannot participate in any union meetings, election or vote of officers and you cannot participate in any union discount program including our widely popular free college tuition program for union members and their families.

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