Vermont State Unemployment Benefits Q&A



Vermont Department of Labor

Phone:            1-877-214-3330



Who qualifies for unemployment?

Most workers who are laid off or unemployed are eligible.  You may also be eligible if:  (1) you have COVID-19; (2) you are following a medical professional or public health official’s direction to self-isolate or quarantine; (3) you are not receiving paid sick leave or other leave from your employer; and (4) your employer has closed because of COVID-19.


When should I file for unemployment?

You should file as soon as possible using the website or phone number listed above.  Vermont has waived the usual requirement that you continue searching for work.


What if I don’t live and work in the same state?

You should file in the state where you work.


What percentage of my pay will be replaced by unemployment benefits?

Your weekly benefit amount is calculated by dividing the total wages you earned in the six months in the last year when you had the highest wages by 45.  For a personalized estimate of your benefits, see this benefit calculator tool:  During the COVID-19 emergency, if you are eligible for benefits you will also receive an additional $600 per week until July 31, 2020.


What if I didn’t lose my job but am being scheduled to work fewer hours?

You can still apply for unemployment.  You will likely receive at least partial unemployment benefits to assist in time loss if you are working part-time when you usually work full-time.


I have a different question about unemployment benefits.

You can look at this page answering some frequently asked questions for additional guidance:


Who qualifies as an essential employee in Vermont?

For a list of essential workers in Vermont, please see pages 2 and 3 of this document:


What kind of paid sick leave or paid family leave do I get under state or federal law?

The new federal law requires your employer to provide 14 days of paid leave if you have coronavirus or if you are placed in quarantine to care for a family member who has coronavirus.  You must receive at least two-thirds of your wages during that 14-day period.  You may also have rights under the Vermont earned sick time law: